17 November 2022

Climate reparations can give a Denmark comeback as an aid beacon

Development aid has become a Swiss army knife, designed to help Ukrainian refugees, ensure climate adaptation and fight terrorism. Altinget asks in a new debate: What is the function and justification of development aid?Contributing to this debate Associate Professor Stig Jensen has written an article about Denmark's proposal to pay climate reparations to the Global South.

In light of COP27, He explains that for years, the global South has been pushing for the global North to be held accountable for its contribution to the climate crisis. The COP negotiations are looking for a breakthrough, but waning spirits and protracted negotiations are causing growing frustrations and could ultimately be a drag overall project.

The timing and stage for the announcement of Denmark's willingness to pay climate reparations - the UN General Assembly - was spot on and plays perfectly into the campaign to get Denmark a seat on the Security Council. At the same time, Denmark could position itself in the run-up to COP27 in Egypt, where climate offsets are high on the agenda.

The announcement that Denmark will pay climate compensation to the global south is an international breakthrough and an exemplary demonstration of responsibility for our contribution to the climate crisis. At the same time, the initiative is fully in line with the outgoing government's development policy ambitions to be a pioneering country in the climate fight. However, there are many bumps in the road - most importantly, whether Denmark can even get the climate substitution snowball rolling. The first big test is COP27 writes Associate Professor Stig Jensen.

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