12 April 2022

Karen Lauterbach gives keynote at 13th GloPent conference

CAS Director and Associate Professor Karen Lauterbach has given one of three keynotes at the 13th GloPent conference on 1-2 April 2022. The international and interdisciplinary conference is organized by the European Research Network on Global Pentecostalism (GloPent) and was hosted by the University of Cambridge, UK. The conference theme was Pentecostalism and social change looking into the contextualization of Pentecostalism in order to discuss how Pentecostal movements have effected socio-cultural changes, as well as to what extent they have also themselves been influenced and driven by larger transformations in World Christianity and society at large. Karen Lauterbach’s keynote, entitled ‘Prosperity Gospel and Prosperity Politics: Building a National Cathedral in Ghana’, provided a critical discussion of the prosperity gospel as a grounded phenomenon read through the project of building a national cathedral in Ghana. The lecture focused on the prosperity gospel as constructed and expressed in relation to the building of the national cathedral. The analysis of the prosperity gospel was linked to context-specific under[1]standings of progress and wealth and discussed in relation to how changing ideas of prosper[1]ity and progress are weaved into the discussion of the National Cathedral in Ghana. Studying the prosperity from the ground is done through a contextualization and entextualization of interweaving narratives and texts.


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