16 April 2024

CERTIZENS Regional Workshop on Changing ID Systems in East Africa


Update on CERTIZENS research efforts with project leader Amanda Hammar.

People congregating
left: Participants of the workshop, right: Milah Abasabyona; Photos: Georges Macaire Eyenga, Toke Møldrup Wolff

In January, CERTIZENS Research Project convened a three-day workshop in Kampala with the title 'Changing ID Systems in East Africa: Histories, Policies and Practices and the Reshaping of States and Citizens'. In five panel sessions, two roundtables and two keynotes this workshop brought together mostly regionally-based scholars but also those based elsewhere and created an important platform for encouraging further research on a diversity of ID systems dynamics and approaches within and beyond the East Africa region.

The CERTIZENS (Certifications of Citizenship in Africa) Research Project focuses on the logics, policies and practices of different regimes of citizen classification, certification and identification in selected African contexts, and their multi-layered effects both on processes of state making and citizen making.

Read the reflections of CERTIZENS Project Leader Amanda Hammar here.