24 April 2024

Mandela's vision is the guiding star for post-apartheid South Africa

South Africa

fighting apartheid at home and abroad

Two humans dancing with clocks for heads
© Marina Louise Botes – musiker, forfatter, illustrator Illustration fra collageromanen Der vil ikke blive talt om denne nat, 2022, Forlaget Korridor

In an article published by ‘Baggrund’, Associate Professor Stig Jensen details how the spirit of Mandela and his efforts to fighting apartheid and create a more equal world still lives on.

South Africa has grown their influence in Africa, playing a significant role in the creation of the African Union. South Africa has under President Cyril Ramaphosa step up international activities in BRICS, most recently with a genocide court case against Israel in the International Court. South Africa’s position is closely aligned with the Mandela vision and continues to be as the new post-Mandela South Africa positions itself as a humanist superpower.

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