Credit Students (merit og tilvalgsstuderende)

African Studies provides MERITSTUDERENDE and TILVALGSSTUDERENDE from other studies an opportunity to gain insight into Africa's social, developmental, cultural and religious conditions, and also offers the opportunity to learn the African language Kiswahili. The programme is in English and the study environment is international.  You can choose from the range of thematic courses, as well as Kiswahili - but you cannot sign up for compulsory courses or internship and fieldwork. Kiswahili, which lasts two semesters, corresponds to 15 ECTS.


When applying as a credit student at a faculty at UCPH, you must make sure that you meet the general admission requirements for credit students and the specific admission requirements for the courses you want to register for. 

General admission requirements 
If you want to register for courses at bachelor level, you must meet the admission requirements for the degree programme offering the courses. See admission requirements for the individual bachelor’s degree programmes at UCPH. Choose the degree programme offering the course and click on ‘Admission requirements and admission’. Grade requirements do not apply to credit students.

Credit students are eligible to apply for courses at Centre of African Studies after having passed 2 years of exams (120 ECTS) at their faculty.

Specific admission requirements for credit students
 When you register for a course as a credit student, there may be course-specific admission requirements you must meet in order to register. If such course-specific requirements are specified, you will find them in the course description under 'Formal requirements'.

In addition to the formal requirements, it is important that you check the course description for any academic expectations that may be specified in order for you to actively participate in and complete the course. If such academic expectations are specified, you will find them under ‘Recommended academic qualifications’.

If the course description does not have sections titled 'Formal requirements' or 'Recommended academic qualifications', it means that no particular requirements are specified for the course.

You can find course descriptions in the course catalogue.


The courses offered may vary from semester to semester. Updated courses list



Application Period


15 May – 1 June


15 November - 1 December


15 November – 1 December and 15 May – 1 June

You will receive the decision for your application no later than 6 weeks after the application deadline. 

You can also register for available places during the late registration periods, which are identical to the regular late registration periods in January and August (you can see the dates on KUnet Study Information or send an email to


To apply for courses as a credit student, fill out and submit one of the two forms below. The first form is for if you are currently an active UCPH student, and the second form is for if you are a student at another Danish university. 

Please submit one form per faculty to which you wish to apply, so if you only wish to apply for courses at The Faculty of Theology, you only need to submit one form.


In order to be registered as a credit student at UCPH, you need to have a pre-approval document from your current home programme. The pre-approval is a confirmation that the courses for which you are applying will be able to be transferred as credit to the primary programme you are studying. 

UCPH student
If you do not have enough time to receive the pre-approval before the application deadline, you do not have to submit your pre-approval. We will obtain it directly from your home institute. 

Non UCHP student
If you do not have enough time to receive the pre-approval before the application deadline, you may submit it after the deadline. Please use the relevant form below to submit your pre-approval document after the deadline. 

If we have not received your pre-approval by 31 January (spring courses) or 31 August (autumn courses), you will be removed from the courses for which the pre-approval was required.

If you have questions about your pre-approval, contact the student guidance service at your home programme.


To be enrolled as a credit student, the course(s) you want to register for must have vacant places. Some courses have a limited number of places, while others offer a better chance of getting a place. As a credit student, you will be allocated any available place after the allocation of places to the course’s primary target group (for example, students for whom the course is compulsory). 

When you apply for a course with vacant places, the places for credit students will be allocated by lot if the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies. This means that the time of application has no impact on your chances of getting a place on the course. 


If you end up not needing the space on a credit course to which you have been registered, please inform us at no later than study start or withdraw yourself from the course in your online self-service.



The Centre for African Studies library contains over 10,000 books and approximately 60 periodicals. The main emphasis in the library's collection is on the social-science and humanities disciplines. 

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