The Board of Studies for Theology

The responsibilities of the Board of Studies for Theology include developing, organising and running study programmes and teaching on part- and full-time study programmes within the subject area of theology; maintaining the curricula; following up on evaluations of the teaching and study programmes; and processing applications for credit transfers and exemptions.

Applications for credit transfers, exemptions, pre-approval, etc.

Applications should be submitted to the Board of Studies at the latest one week before the meeting at which the applicant(s) wish(es) them to be discussed. 

Meetings of the Board of Studies

Meetings of the Board of Studies are open, except in sessions where individuals are being discussed. A minimum of nine ordinary meetings are held per annum.

Evaluation of teaching and study programmes

The Board of Studies for Theology is responsible for the ongoing evaluation of the teaching on theology programmes, and for following up on these evaluations. The Board discusses the evaluations at the end of each semester, and posts a summary of its deliberations.