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Michael Green


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    In my research, I focus on the early modern period, with particular interest in privacy, religious minorities, education, personal networks and nobility, in Western and Northern Europe. Currently my research at the Centre for Privacy Studies focuses on exploration of egodocuments (letters, diaries, memoirs etc) written by men and women of various Christian denominations and the Jews in early Modern Amsterdam, with the aim to reconstruct their perceptions of privacy.

    My second book is currently in print: Le Grand Tour 1701-1703. Lettres d'Henri Bentinck, vicomte Woodstock, et de son précepteur Paul Rapin-Thoyras à Hans Willem Bentinck, earl de Portland, Paris: Honoré Champion. Edited correspondence with an introduction. This book contains over 100 letters written by the Huguenot historian Paul Rapin-Thoyras and his pupil, the Dutch young nobleman Henry Bentinck, Viscount Woodstock to the earl of Portland, a prominent Anglo-Dutch polititian. The letters discuss the relationship between the pupil and the tutor, the travelling party and the father, and provide details on the War of the Spanish Succession, travel arragements, courtly customs in various European countries and of course private aspects. In the introduction to this edition, I discuss at length the provenance of the letters, the choice of the copyist in selecting certain letters to be copied, while refraining from copying others, as well as the privacy aspects of the correspondence.

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