Church History Section

The Church History Section has a double scholarly profile. It combines classical textual sources and questions (intellectual history of Christianity and history of the institutional church within culture and society) with more aesthetic source-material and questions (the role of literature, music, architecture and art within Christianity). The Section carries out research in the history of Christianity from ancient times until today.

Foto: Rasmus Degnbol

This double profile lies at the back of a row of specific research themes dealt with at the Section: Christian historical narratives and their meaning for national self-conceptions; Christian life within and withdrawn from the world; the cultural heritage of Christian rituals; theological anthropology and its aesthetic framework in language, images and music; synergy between politics/law and theology in early modern and modern times and finally global encounters between Christianity and other religions and cultures.

These research themes go across the following research fields that have traditionally enjoyed special attention at the Section: Research in Medieval Theology, Luther-research, research in Christianity and the Arts, research in Danish Church History and research in Global Christianity.

In the years to come research fields such as Reformation theology, Danish Church History and History of Christianity and the Arts will be strengthened through the achievements of the Danish National Research Foundation Centre of Privacy Studies (2017-2023). Church History is one of the Centre’s four core disciplines (the other are History of Architecture, Legal History and History of Ideas). The on-going exchange and collaboration between the Centre and the Church History Section will contribute to scholarly developments at the Centre as well as the Section.

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It is a characteristic of the Section that besides specific research interests every staff member is obliged to teach the entire history of Christianity from ancient times to today. This obligation contributes to establishing a fruitful specialist environment within a broad historical framework.








Research Strategy 2020-2023 at the Church History Section






Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Holm Associate Professor +4535323702 E-mail
Anna Vind Head of Section +4535323618 E-mail
Anni Haahr Henriksen Guest Researcher +4535326392 E-mail
Bastian Felter Vaucanson Research Assistant +4535326936 E-mail
Benedikte Emilie T Steensgaard Student FU +4535325696 E-mail
Benjamin Brandt Christiansen PhD Fellow +4535323856 E-mail
Carsten Selch Jensen Dean +4535323781 E-mail
Catherine Susan Beck Postdoc +4535325797 E-mail
Christian Gottlieb Affiliate Professor +4535323581 E-mail
Christian Troelsgård Associate Professor +4551298742 E-mail
Christine Jeanneret Associate Professor +4524262485 E-mail
David Lebovitch Dahl Research Assistant   E-mail
Ditte Johanne Rieder Kjær Student FU +4535334965 E-mail
Ellen Inger Fabricius Harms Student FU +4535325660 E-mail
Emil Bjørn Hilton Saggau Guest Researcher +4535325339 E-mail
Emma Klakk Christensen Academic Officer   E-mail
Fabio Gigone Guest Researcher +4535334633 E-mail
Florian Wöller Associate Professor +4535332259 E-mail
Frank Ejby Poulsen Postdoc +4535331239 E-mail
Ivana Bicak Guest Researcher   E-mail
Jelena Baki¿ Guest Researcher   E-mail
Jesper Jakobsen Postdoc +4535321054 E-mail
Johannes Ljungberg Postdoc +4535331626 E-mail
Jonas Kjøller-Rasmussen PhD Student +4535326490 E-mail
Joos Nordberg-Rasmussen Research Assistant +4535334816 E-mail
José Eloy Hortal Muñoz Guest Researcher   E-mail
Lars Christian Vangslev Teaching Associate Professor +4535323691 E-mail
Lars Cyril Nørgaard Assistant Professor +4535323713 E-mail
Lauge Nielsen Professor Emeritus +4535323613 E-mail
Liam Paul Benison Guest Researcher   E-mail
Louise Lillie Emerita +4535323628 E-mail
Maj Riis Poulsen Special Consultant +4535332232 E-mail
Maria Angélica Martins Guest Researcher   E-mail
Maria Gabriela Llambias Student FU +4535337901 E-mail
Maria del Carmen Garcia Sanchez Guest Researcher   E-mail
Marie Hammershøj Beck Student FU +4535336484 E-mail
Martin Almbjär Guest Researcher   E-mail
Martin Schwarz Lausten No job title VIP +4535323619 E-mail
Mette Birkedal Bruun Professor +4535323787 E-mail
Miriam Have Watts PhD Fellow   E-mail
Nanna Eva Nissen Postdoc +4535333482 E-mail
Natacha Klein Kafer Postdoc +4535332987 E-mail
Natalie Patricia Körner Assistant Professor   E-mail
Natália da Silva Perez Guest Researcher +4535331068 E-mail
Niels Kastfelt Associate Professor Emeritus   E-mail
Nils Holger Petersen Associate Professor Emeritus +4535323621 E-mail
Ninna Jørgensen Associate Professor Emerita +4535323620 E-mail
Nuno M da S C P Grancho Postdoc +4535336970 E-mail
Oskar Jacek Rojewski Guest Researcher   E-mail
Paolo Astorri Postdoc   E-mail
Peter Balslev-Clausen Guest Researcher +4535333844 E-mail
Rasmus H.C. Dreyer Assistant Professor +4535335217 E-mail
Rasmus Markussen PhD Student +4535323662 E-mail
Sanne Josefa Eddy Maekelberg Postdoc   E-mail
Sara Ayres Guest Researcher   E-mail
Sara Taglialatela Postdoc +4535334738 E-mail
Sarah Elizabeth Clement Toftager Research Assistant   E-mail
Sari Lilly Maria Nauman Postdoc   E-mail
Sigrid Nielsby Christensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Solmaz Sadeghi Khasraghi Guest Researcher   E-mail
Steffen Kjeldgaard-Pedersen Professor Emeritus +4535323626 E-mail
Sven Rune Havsteen Associate Professor +4535323634 E-mail
Søren Frank Jensen PhD Fellow   E-mail
Thea Kjærulff Torp Student +4535331496 E-mail
Theis Schønning Johansen PhD Fellow +4535325937 E-mail
Tine Ravnsted-Larsen Reeh Associate Professor +4535322394 E-mail


Head of section 
Phone: 35 32 36 18