Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen

Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen

Assistant Professor

Current research

Pastoral care and shame. Based on a distinction between shame, shamefulness and shamelessness, I investigate how pastors can take care of the shame that occurs - or fails to occur - in an existential conversation. I am engaged in an interdisciplinary research project on online pastoral care

Primary fields of research

  • Interdisciplinary theology with regards to risk and danger. This project has investigated theological models for understanding and living with risk and danger in a Christian context. The results are being fine-tuned towards publication with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht.
  • Theology of forgiveness and reconciliation. This project develops a cricial model for the relationship between forgiveness and reconciliation. I draw special attention to the emotions that belong to a process of reconciliation.
  • Contemporary ecclesial practices

ID: 108813098