Systematic Theology Section

The Systematic Theology Section critically explores Christianity in relation to contemporary cultural, religious and philosophical thinking and ways of life  

Kierkegaard Auditoriet

The vision of the Systematic Theology Section is to explore and examine contemporary Theology through the disciplines of Dogmatics with Ecumenical Studies, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, and Practical Theology. It is the ambition of the section to present contemporary contributions of the systematic disciplines in their internal and external relationship to other theological disciplines and to non-theological academic fields, while addressing current issues in church, culture and society.

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Name Title Phone E-mail
Anders Holm Associate professor +45 353-23702 E-mail
Bent Flemming Nielsen Professor emeritus. +45 353-23714 E-mail
Bjarke Mørkøre Stigel Hansen   E-mail
Bruce Kirmmse   E-mail
Carsten Pallesen Associate professor +45 353-23680 E-mail
Christine Svinth-Værge Põder Associate professor +45 353-23679 E-mail
Christine Tind Johannessen-Henry Visiting Researcher +4520410115 E-mail
Cæcilie Varslev-Pedersen   E-mail
Dina Amlund PhD student +45 353-21062 E-mail
Esben Korsgaard Rasmussen PhD fellow +45 353-25255 E-mail
Ettore Rocca Affiliate Professor +45 353-26172 E-mail
Giulia Longo Visiting Researcher   E-mail
Hans Raun Iversen Associate professor, research and development +45 353-23716 E-mail
Iben Damgaard Associate professor +45 353-23678 E-mail
Jakob Wolf Associate professor +45 353-23715 E-mail
Jan Jasper L Mathé PhD fellow   E-mail
Joakim Garff Associate professor, head of centre +45 353-30146 E-mail
Johanne Stubbe T Kristensen Head of section +45 40 45 09 14 E-mail
Jørgen Schøler Nielsen Affiliate Professor   E-mail
Karen Marie Leth-Nissen Visiting Researcher +45 353-23624 E-mail
Kent Brian Soderquist Part-time lecturer +45 353-36109 E-mail
Kristian Mejrup Guest researcher   E-mail
Lisbet Christoffersen Affiliate Professor +45 353-23709 E-mail
Maja Vinding Fallesen Academic Staff   E-mail
Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen Associate professor, head of studies +45 353-23675 E-mail
Mikkel Gabriel Christoffersen Postdoc +45 61 71 21 97 E-mail
Nete Helene Enggaard Postdoc +45 353-37075 E-mail
Nicolai Røge PhD fellow +45 353-37533 E-mail
Niels Henrik Gregersen Professor +45 353-23681 E-mail
Niels Jørgen Cappelørn Professor emeritus. +45 353-32361 E-mail
Peder Nørgaard-Højen Associate professor, research and development   E-mail
René Rosfort Associate professor +45 353-34282 E-mail
Tina Folke Drigsdahl PhD student +45 353-34695 E-mail
Tomer Raudanski   E-mail
Troels Klinke Wæver  


Head of Section
Associate Professor Johanne Stubbe T. Kristensen
Phone: 40450914