Joanna Mikolajczyk Winterø

Joanna Mikolajczyk Winterø

PhD fellow

In my PhD project Intersubjective Attunement: Attention and Resonance I investigate Simone Weil's (1909-43) concepts of force and attention in context of intersubjectivity and attunement between the self and the other. Weil's later works are central in this investigation.

I apply Hartmut Rosa’s (b. 1965) sociological theory of acceleration and resonance to Weil's concepts to add new perspectives to the question of interpersonal attunement and openness.

Furthermore, I investigate Weilian and Rosian dynamics of attention and resonance in the self-other relation focusing on how modes of activity and passivity interact and fluctuate, and also discuss how notions of force and acceleration are closely connected to the concept of privilege, and the role of privilege in openness to human attunement.

ID: 283347882