Johanne Stubbe T Kristensen

Johanne Stubbe T Kristensen

Associate Professor

Primary research areas

Existential and societal paradoxes (e.g. scientific enigmas, insurmountable challenges or absurd events).

Theory and philosophy of science - especially the relationship between theology and other sciences, foundational issues in theology including issues of theological method (with a focus on the field of "theology, phenomenology and psychoanalysis"). 

Modern theology, Christianity and Christian doctrine, particularly Protestant Post-dialectical theology (focus on Paul Tillich's and Wolfhart Pannenberg´s theology).

Contemporary Systematic and Constructive Theology (embodied and contextual theology e.g. feminist theology, fat theology and neurodiverse theology).

Doctrinal topics with a focus on Theological Anthropology, Doctrine of the Trinity, Ecclesiology and Eschatology.   

Present research projects

  • Contemporary paradoxes in 1) existence and lifestyle, 2) church and liturgy, and 3) society and formation:  
  • Truth and certaincy: Science and method of theology. The project proceeds from a critical and constructive reading of post-dialectical interdiciplinary works.
  • Liberation and freedom: A contemporary analysis and constructive interpretation of Wolfhart Pannenbergs collected work as a theology of the Trinity through a critical phenomenology of the body and insights from intersubjective psychoanalysis. 
  • Life, death and hope. In continuation of dissertation "Body and Hope (2013 Mohr Siebeck): Eschatological issues and themes with a focus on Second Coming, Judgement, Resurrection and Death.

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