2 November 2023

Visiting PhD Researcher Leonie Jegen at CERTIZENS in Copenhagen

Visiting Researcher

Leonie Jegen is a visiting researcher at CERTIZENS in October and November 2023. Read about her motivation for collaborating with CERTIZENS and how she benefits from our research community for her upcoming article.

Photo of Leonie Jegen

"I have been following the impressive work of the CERTIZEN project and consider the pursuit of a research stay an invaluable opportunity to engage with and learn from the wider community of researchers working on questions of citizenship certification in the African contexts. 

Document fraud is a major field of counter migrant smuggling interventions and hence linked to my research project. A crucial project that has often been mentioned at different training workshops I attended is the EU funded project to modernize Senegal’s civil registries. This sparked my interest in the topic and I am planning to write the second article of my cumulative PhD on the in/exclusion paradox linked to the modernization of the civil registries. Hence, I consider exchanging with researchers working on similar questions of significant benefit for my work and I hope that I can share my expertise and research insights with the members of the CAS."

Read more about Leonie Jegens background in her introduction at the Centre for African Studies: Visiting Researcher Leonie Jegen – University of Copenhagen (ku.dk)