There are several facilities available for students at the Faculty of Theology, to help you in your daily studies.

Photocopies and Prints

Ask the library staff for detailed instructions. You have to pay online to a print and photocopy account before you can use the equipment: 

- Open a browser and fill in your login-information on print.ku.dk/user.

- Choose Web Pay to transfer money, or Web Print to print your document. Make sure to select the correct printer.

- Log in to the printer on location with your student-ID-card and print your document.

Instructions are located by the machines.

Study Space

The faculty is housing study facilities with plugs for laptops and wireless internet connection. 

Storage Lockers 

Storage to keep books and belongings can be rented via elevskab.dk. Choose "Book et nyt skab" (Book a new locker) in the lefthand menu and "Det Teologiske Fakultet" (faculty of Theology) from the list. Unfortunately the external website is in Danish only. The storage boxes are located on the first three floors of the building.


The canteen is a nice mingling spot at the faculty of Theology.