PRIVACY Challenge Seminar: Information and Privacy in Ages of Surveillance

With Jens-Erik Mai and Laura Skouvig from Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen

Laura Skouvig is Associate Professor at Department of Communication, University of Copenhagen.
Her research field is information history. Her interests relate to other fields within cultural and social history. She started within the field of library history and is now interested in a hodgepodge characterized by book history, media history, communication history but addressing the informational aspects.

Jens-Erik Mai is Professor of Information and Head of Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen.
His research concerns basic questions about the nature of information phenomena in contemporary society — he is concerned with the state of privacy and surveillance given new digital media, with classification given the pluralistic nature of meaning and society, and with information and its quality given its pragmatic nature.

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Together they will give the presentation: Information and privacy in ages of surveillance


An important issue when discussing contemporary surveillance issues is how we understand privacy in relation to information - how information is collected, analysed and used. Do citizen have the ability to control what information is collect about them?  We’ll start this talk with a brief introduction to different perspectives on how to understand the current dilemmas regarding information, privacy and surveillance. Our talk ends with a discussion of how perceptions of information and surveillance in late 18th and early 19th centuries formed and were formed by absolutism and found concrete manifestations in the archive of the police in Copenhagen.

The presentation will be follow by a debate

About the Challenge Seminars:

PRIVACY hosts two Challenge Seminars each semester. Here, the PRIVACY’s research team join with invited experts on such topics as surveillance, privacy rights, medical ethics, work-life balance or social cohesion, to pose mutual research challenges.

The seminar is open for all.  No registration required.