PRIVACY Seminar: ALCHEMY AND MINING IN EARLY MODERN SAXONY Keeping Knowledge and Resources Private

Giving continuity to the 2021 Dresden Case Team Seminar, The Centre for Privacy Studies welcomes Prof Tara Nummedal and Dr Sebastian Felten to present their work on alchemy and mining in early modern Saxony. In this second edition of the seminar, Prof Nummedal and Dr. Felten will apply the lens of privacy to their sources, providing new insights into how knowledge and resources could be kept private in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

The online event is open to all via the registration form below.

Tara Nummedal (Brown University) - Exclusive access? The Intimate Worlds of Andreas Orthelius’s Opera Philosophica

Sebastian Felten (Universität Wien) - Private Property and Public Knowledge in Christian I’s Mining Ordinance (1589)

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