Challenge seminar: Artificial Intelligence and Privacy: Causes for Concern

With Mateusz Jurewicz

Mateusz Jurewicz is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Tjek A/S, he received his PhD in Computer Science from the IT University of Copenhagen, where he focused on Artificial Intelligence methods for Structure Prediction and Supervised Clustering. He is passionate about AI Safety and Interpretable Neural Networks

Modern AI methods present a number of challenges to our privacy. This presentation outlines the most relevant of such recent AI developments through the lens of the six heuristic zones of privacy and the private. These existing and theoretical AI systems are then further inspected in terms of their societal and existential impacts in areas such as healthcare, likeness rights, encryption, mass surveillance and many more.

About the PRIVACY Challenge Seminars:

PRIVACY hosts one to two Challenge Seminars each semester. Here, the PRIVACY’s research team join with invited experts on topics such as surveillance, privacy rights, medical ethics, work-life balance or social cohesion, in order to pose mutual research challenges.


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