Seminar: Researching Historical Privacy in Latin America

Source: Frans Jansz Post - Landscape with Labourers, 35 x 41 cm – 1670

The Centre for Privacy Studies is honoured to host the seminar Researching Historical Privacy in Latin America, a culmination event of the network Latin American Privacy Studies (LAPS) taking place on 27 September 2023. LAPS is a collaborative academic group dedicated to the historical study of privacy in Latin America, hosted by the Centre for Privacy Studies (University of Copenhagen) and the History Postgraduate Programme (Universidade Federal de Santa Maria), funded by International Networking Programme grant from the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

The seminar comprises the presentations of professors of the History Department of the Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, who will introduce their research on historical privacy in their respective fields, which range from social practices, health and religiosity, duelling as private justice, and secrecy and politics. Online streaming will be made available.


27 September 

13:00 – Introduction by PRIVACY Director Mette Birkedal Bruun

13:10 – Introducing LAPS and its work

13:25 – Break

13:30 – Prof José Martinho RemediCultural privacies: sociabilities, literature and food

13:50 – Prof Beatriz Teixeira WeberPrivacies, health and religiosities

14:10 – Break

14:25 – Prof Mariana F. da C Thompson Flores: Private Justice in Latin America: Modern duels in Brazil (1870-1930) - trajectory and research possibilities

14:45 – Prof Francisco Mendonça Jr: Secret, Secrecy and Privacy: Research possibilities with these categories in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

15:05 – Break

15:10 – Collective discussion 

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