20 April 2018

New Postdoc employee: Silva Perez

Natália da Silva Perez is employed as Postdoc at Centre for Privacy Studies, starting 1 May 2018.

Natália’s research at PRIVACY focuses on primary sources concerning women’s sexuality, fertility and contraception in the early modern period. She is especially interested in the experiences of women of lower social status, and shows a strong interest in exploring the historical documentation concerning the role of men in decisions about fertility and contraception.

Natália has a BFA in Theatre and Francophone Literature from Concordia University, Montréal, and an MA in Performing Arts Studies from Université Libre de Bruxelles and Universidad de Sevilla. She holds a PhD from The University of Kent and Freie Universität Berlin.

She has worked as postdoctoral fellow at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, exploring women’s public voices in Jewish and Muslim politico-religious contexts

We are looking forward to working with Natália at Centre for Privacy Studies.