18 December 2019

PRIVACY and KADK Advertise Two Fully Funded Postdoc Positions

Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY) advertise one or two fully funded postdoc positions within the field of early modern Architectural History in association with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture. 

The position as postdoc will consist of research and, to a minor extent, administrative work. Your tasks will include research within Centre for Privacy Studies in relation to eleven cases in Early Modern Europe. This research will be conducted in interdisciplinary case teams where you will represent the architectural historical perspective.

The postdocs will have responsibility for a range of duties, which require arrangement and forward planning of research activities, and will show initiative to ensure that the research is conducted in accordance with the project timeline. You will be expected to plan your own work and the work in the case teams, ensuring that all deadlines are met, and to facilitate effective publication and dissemination of the project outcomes. In addition, the postdocs are to a minor extent expected to teach courses and participate in teaching related to their discipline mainly at KADK.

Centre for Privacy Studies

PRIVACY is dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research into notions of privacy in Early Modern Europe. It focuses on eleven cases from Denmark, England, France, Germany and the Netherlands in the period 1500–1800. The collaborative programme is driven by an interdisciplinary vision of an integrated approach in which a team of scholars collaborate, challenge and inspire each other in a joint pursuit of the legislative, religious, social, cultural and architectural aspects of privacy.

The aim of PRIVACY is to develop:

1. systematized historical knowledge of dynamics that shape, induce or curb privacy in society

2. an interdisciplinary method equipped to grasp such dynamics

3. a strong and vibrant international research environment dedicated to high-profile historical research
and equipped to incite a much broader investigation of privacy.

PRIVACY’s scholarly potency stems from its site-based interdisciplinary analysis. Across eleven cases the research team will trawl Early Modern material: letters, laws, manuals, newspapers, sermons, architectural drawings, buildings, diaries, contracts, community records etc. for notions of privacy, analyzing the deployment of words with the root ‘priv-ʼ: in privato, privy, Privat-(person/andacht etc.), privauté etc. as well as boundaries drawn in relation to, e.g., confidentiality, security, family, body, self.

The research programme is based on a joint interdisciplinary focus on, e.g., legislative thresholds between home and community; decrees regarding individuals’ bodies, or the idea of the household’s (oeconomia) impact on civic well-being (politia); ecclesiastical and political power over ‘heretical’ mindsets; and architectural demarcation of the household in the community and the individuals’ place in it.

Scholars funded by PRIVACY are required to join two or more case-teams.

Recruitment seminar 

A recruitment seminar will take place in Copenhagen 19 February, 2020. It will involve an introduction to PRIVACY and its research programme as well as to expectations regarding applications.  

Deadline for applications for participation in the recruitment seminar is 31 January, 12.00. Please send an email including a letter of motivation and a CV to Head of Administration at Centre for Privacy Studies Maj Riis Poulsen, mrp@teol.ku.dk.

A limited number of bursaries covering trips and accommodation for one night are available.

Additional Information

For questions regarding research, please contact Centre Director, Professor Mette Birkedal Bruun (mbb@teol.ku.dk); for practical questions, please contact Head of Administration Maj Riis Poulsen (mrp@teol.ku.dk). For questions concerning the enrolment at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture and research, please contact core scholar Professor Peter Thule Kristensen (pthul@kadk.dk).

Information about the application process and the e-recruitment system can be obtained by contacting HR Officer Ellen Kruse Jacobsen by email: ekj@kadk.dk or by tel.: +45 4170 1539.
Potential applicants from outside Denmark will find information about life in Denmark at https://www.workindenmark.dk/.

The University of Copenhagen and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation welcome applications from suitably qualified candidates regardless of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background.

You can read more about the position and apply here. 
Application deadline is 22/03/2020