11 January 2019

PRIVACY PhD Fellow Fabio Gigone invited to exhibit at the #Remix series

PhD Fellow at the Centre for Privacy Studies, Fabio Gigone, was invited to exhibit his current research at the #Remix series, curated by Gizmo, a research team from the Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy.

Fabio’s contribution, titled “Biblioteca Analoga”, is shaped as a site-specific installation that works as a filtering mirror of the University of Milan’s library, selecting almost 800 books potentially useful for his investigations through the use of some keywords offered by the specific terminology and glossary of his research.

The installation is thus a synoptic representation of those books: on one side, the items are still located physically in the central library at the Faculty of Architecture, where red labels, with the corresponding keywords, were placed as bookmarks on each book; on the other side, the installation creates an “analogous” site-specific library that develops itself on the three given walls. The use of shadows in the representation helps the visualisation, corresponding to the signatures of the used keywords.

“Biblioteca Analoga” is born from the meeting of “States of Proximity”, Fabio Gigone’s ongoing PhD research at Centre for Privacy Studies and KADK at Copenhagen University, and “The Labourification of Work”, Angela Gigliotti´s ongoing PhD research at Aarhus School of Architecture.

Caption: Photo by Luca Tenaglia