11 October 2019

Niccolo Valmori from King's College Joins PRIVACY as a Guest Researcher

Postdoctoral Research Associate from King's College Niccolo Valmori has joined the PRIVACY team as an affiliated scholar. He writes about himself, his scholarly background and his current work: 

I am currently working as research associate in the AHRC funded project “Radical Translations: the transfer of revolutionary culture between Britain, France and Italy (1789-1815)”. This project is led by Principal Investigator Dr. Sanja Perovic (French Department, King’s College) and Co-Investigators Dr. Rosa Mucignat (Comparative Literature, King’s College) and Professor Erica Mannucci (University of Milan). My task is to trace Italian translations of radical works published in French or English during the French revolutionary period.

My work embraced different fields of historiography like social history, cultural history, economic history, and legal history.

I defended my thesis at the European University Institute in 2016. The title of my research was 'Private interest and public sphere: finance and politics in France, England and the Netherlands during the Age of Revolution, 1789-1810.'

Similarly to the PRIVACY project my thesis followed a site-based approach and I focused on the three cities and financial markets of Amsterdam, London and Paris. Moreover, my exploration of the merchant world between London, Paris and Amsterdam relied on a interdisciplinary approach using literary sources (novel, newspapers, pamphlets) as well as business correspondence, trade manuals, diaries.

I am convinced that a fruitful collaboration between the King’s College Project and the PRIVACY project can be established. In particular, it would be interesting to organise a seminar/workshop on secrecy, radicalism and the republic of letters.

Niccolo Valmori