Vacant Positions at PRIVACY

Dear all,

We are happy to announce that Centre for Privacy Studies is hiring scholars for the research team.

The Centre advertises 3-4 fully funded PhD positions within the fields of Architectural History, Church History, Legal History and History; two fully funded Postdoc positions in Church History, Legal History and History; and an Assistant Professorship in Architectural History.

Join the PRIVACY team

PRIVACY is dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative research on notions of privacy in Early Mod­ern Europe. The research teams examines how no­tions of privacy shape relations between individuals and society across diverse historical contexts. We are particularly interested in indications of privacy as a quality and a threat: in the emergence and development of the idea that too little privacy threatens the individual while too much may ruin society.

The Centre focuses on eleven European cases in the period 1500–1800. Scholars funded by PRIVACY join two or more case-teams. The postdocs and PhDs recruited in this round will be required to work on the German cases, just as we invite applications that focus on the cases of La Rochelle, Chatsworth, Glasgow and Arc-et-Senans. PhD students funded by PRIVACY are required to formulate a PhD project within one of the PRIVACY cases and to join an additional case-team.

Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 15 April 2019. The ideal starting date would be 1 September 2019, but this is negotiable. You can find more information and apply for the positions at our website.

Recruitment seminar

In order to secure strong and relevant applications, Centre for Privacy Studies is hosting a recruitment seminar 5-6 March.

At the seminar, there will be a chance for applicants to learn more about PRIVACY and its research programme as well as our expectations and requirements for joining the team. In our experience, participation in the recruitment seminar strengthens the application decisively.

Applications for the recruitment seminar and travel bursaries must be submitted no later than 10 February 2019. Please sign up for the seminar here.
Potential applicants are also welcome to contact us for further enquiries and questions. Please email

Please distribute this information in your respective networks.

Other possibilities

Centre for Privacy Studies is always looking for collaborators. If you have a PhD and if you want to work on issues, sites or periods that are not directly associated with the eleven cases included in the PRIVACY research programme, you might want to apply for a Marie Curie scholarship in association with the Centre.

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