Privacy Newsletter February 2019

Centre for Privacy Studies is looking forward to a spring semester with interesting and stimulating events, seminars – and the center's second conference since it’s upstart in 2017.

We are having a busy March. In just about two weeks, the centre is hosting a recruitment seminar for its second round of recruitment. The vacant positions include three to four PhDs, two Postdocs as well as an assistant professorship. All are fully funded.

Even though it is no longer possible to sign up for the recruitment seminar, PRIVACY is still open for applications. They must be submitted no later than 15 April. You can read more here.

On 13 March we are honored to welcome the acclaimed scholar Sara M. Butler, King George III Professor in British History, Ohio State University. She will give her lecture In defense of their families: Women's malicious appeals in thirteenth-century England at 2 pm in room 8B.0.16. 
Women dominated appeals of homicide in thirteenth-century England. A man was required to prove the truth of his accusation through battle; a woman was not. Through these appeals, Butler explores the private and public authority that prosecution accorded to women. Read more on our website. 

On 21-22 March,Privacy is hosting the seminar Zones of Privacy in the Early Modern Netherlands. The two-day seminar is dedicated to exploration of various approaches to privacy in the early modern period in the United Provinces of the Netherlands. Please read more and sign up here. 

On 9-11 April, we invite participants to our inaugural conference Early Modern Privacy: Notions, Spaces, Implications at the Royal Danish Academy of Science and Letters. The conference is an opportunity to discuss and re-examine source material in order to understand practices, spaces and ideas of privacy and related concepts that emerged in the early modern period across historical disciplines. Read more and see the list of confirmed key-notes here.

In collaboration with the Research School at the Faculty of Theology, Privacy PhD Fellows Bastian Vaucanson and Anni Henriksen are hosting a PhD workshop on interdisciplinary collaboration Negotiating Privacy: Past, Present & Future on 15-16 April. The aim is to share the research formats being developed at PRIVACY and to start creating an interdisciplinary network of PhD Fellows working on privacy. Wim Verbaal, Professor in Latin Language and Literature at Ghent University, will give a key-note lecture focusing on how interdisciplinary approaches have developed stronger scholarly arguments within his field. Read more here.

Lastly, we have exciting news on two of our scholars:

Privacy Postdoc Fredrik Torisson has been awarded the annual Fellowship in Architecture by the Swedish Institute of Classical Studies in Rome. He will develop the project “Roma Termini Reframed” which aims to explore Roma Termini as an architectural whole. After the summer, he will return and continue his research at Privacy with new insights. Read more about his project here

Core Scholar Helle Vogt has published a new book on the Code of Jutland. The book examines heritage, marriage and the relationship between the genders focusing on the household as a private sphere. Learn more here.

Upcoming events

5 Mar - 6 Mar 2019

Recruitment Seminar at PRIVACY in connection with vacant positions
Centre for Privacy Studies advertises 3-4 fully funded PhD positions within the fields of ... »

5 Mar 2019
Privacy Online - Human & Legal Solutions
Privacy Postdoc Michaël Green is a speaker at the event Privacy Online - Human & Legal Solutions 
... »

6 Mar 2019
AKH/PRIVACY Seminar: Sadness, music, love - and a helicopter
Section for Church History and PRIVACY are hosting a seminar on matters as different as sadness, ... »

13 Mar 2019
In defense of their families: Women's malicious appeals in thirteenth-century England
Lecture by Sara M. Butler, King George III Professor in British History, Ohio State University ... »

21 Mar - 22 Mar 2019
Privacy Seminar: Zones of Privacy in the Early Modern Netherlands
The two day seminar is dedicated to exploration of various approaches to privacy in the early modern ... »

9 Apr - 11 Apr 2019
Conference: Early Modern Privacy
Conference: Early Modern Privacy: Notions, Spaces, Implications, Copenhagen, 9-11 April 2019 ... »


Privacy Core Scholar Helle Vogt published a new book about the Code of Jutland
Parts of the book examines the household, and thus the private sphere. … »

Research presentation by Postdoc Michaël Green
The presentation focused on the Grand Tour correspondence of Paul Rapin-Thoyras and Viscount … »

Privacy Postdoc Fredrik Torisson has been awarded a Fellowship in Architecture
He will during four months develop the project “Roma Termini Reframed”… »

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