Privacy Newsletter March 2019

The Centre for Privacy Studies is teeming with activity.

Just as we entered this first month of spring, our recruitment seminar took place. On 5-6 March, PRIVACY welcomed an international group of aspiring and inspiring PhD Fellows and Postdocs who listened to presentations of the site-based interdisciplinary research programme at the Centre and tried their hand at some of our collaborative research formats. We look forward to some strong applications by the deadline 15 April.

On March 13, the acclaimed historian Sara Butler of Ohio State University gave a lecture on how women dominated appeals in thirteenth century England. She argued that women exploited the appeals for personal and private gains, but also found that they challenged the applied gender norms of the time, and arose to a new level of power as acknowledged defenders of their families. The title of Sara’s lecture was In Defense of Their Families: Women's malicious appeals in the thirteenth-century England.

On 21-22 March, we held our seminar Zones of Privacy in The Early Modern Netherlands. Five experts on early modern Dutch history joined scholars from the PRIVACY Amsterdam case-team for presentations of aspects of privacy. During those two days, we covered issues as diverse as Egodocuments, private property in the Amsterdam beguinage, the architecture of hidden churches, privacy concerns in the Jewish communities as well as presence and absence of privacy on the ships of the Dutch East India Company.

In April, we are hosting our inaugural conference Early Modern Privacy, featuring a host of exciting presentations on a wide array of research topics related to early modern privacy. Registration is still open. Please read more on our website.


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