Study Board – University of Copenhagen

The Study Board at the Centre of African Studies

  Photo: Mikkel Grabowski 

The CAS Study Board is commissioned to ensure the preparation, implementation and development of the study programmes and teaching at Centre of African Studies, maintain the Study Curricula, follow up on the evaluations of the teaching and consider applications for exemption and credit transfer etc.
The CAS Study Board works in accordance with the rules of procedure.

Applications to the Study Board for pre-approval, final credit transfer, dispensation, exemption etc.
Applications have to be submitted via the electronic application form one week prior to the relevant Study Board meeting. Applications have to be written in English.

For application for pre-approval and final credit transfer, please use the application form.

The Study Board Meetings
The Study Board Meetings are public except during the process of  personal matters.

Members of the board February 2018:

  • Chair: Karen Lauterbach, Associate Professor, CAS
  • Vice-chair: Cristina-Lorelei Trisca, Student Representative
  • Stig Jensen, Associate Professor, CAS
  • Marie Célestine von
    Veltheim, Student Representative
  • Susan Bjerregaard Jepsen, Student Representative (substitute)
  • Mathias Borre Frantsen, Student Representative (substitute)

Secretary of the Study Board
Mette Juhl Vedel
South Campus
Karen Blixens Plads 16
2300 Copenhagen S.

Phone: 3532 3958
Room: 6B-0-21