Admission and fees

Admission requirements

Admission to the Professional Master programme is conditional on at least two years’ relevant professional experience after gaining the appropriate qualifications, which must as a minimum correspond to a relevant professional bachelor or a relevant bachelor degree.

Danish, Scandinavian and EU/EEA citizens are eligible to apply for admission to the Professional Master's programme. Non-EU/EEA citizens need a valid Danish residence permit to be eligible to apply for admission to the Professional Master's programme. A copy of the passport and the Danish residence permit must be attached to the application form. 

Admission deadline

The deadline for applications for admission to a Master programme starting in September is 1 May. The deadline for applications for admission in February is 1 November. 

Study plan

After admission, the student is assigned a supervisor by the Centre of African Studies, and an individual study plan is prepared by the individual student. The Study Plan form is available here.

Programme Guidelines

Guidelines for the programme:
Study Guidelines 2009, applies from 1. May 2016

Tuition fees 

Participation in the Professional Master programme in African Studies is contingent upon the payment of tuition fees. For Danish, Scandinavian and EU/EEA citizens the tuition fee for admission is DKK 6,000 and for the Final Project it is DKK 10,000.

The current fees for citizens from Denmark, Scandinavia and EU/EEA countries are DKK 5,250 for a course of 15 ECTS and DKK 2,625 for a course of 7,5 ECTS. 

Increase in tuition fees from 1 June 2023: tuition fee for a 7.5 ECTS course is DKK 3,750 & tuition fee for a 15 ECTS course is DKK 7,500.

Payment terms

  • The participation fee covers costs for teaching as well as 3 exam attempts per. course. The payment entitles you to follow the tuition in the semester you have paid. It is not possible to transfer your place to another or postpone your admission to a later semester if you are prevented from attending.
  • You can take the exam for up to one years after payment, but if you want to follow the course again, you will have to pay again.
  • It is not possible to access the university's intranet and teaching rooms until your payment has been registered.
  • The deadline for timely payment is stated on the invoice. If you do not pay before the payment deadline, you risk losing your place on the course.
  • You can get the participation fee refunded within the following deadlines. After these dates, we will no longer refund the entry fee
    • 31 August for fall courses
    • 31 January for spring courses

For courses starting in August, the deadline for reimbursement of the participation fee is 31 July. Request for refund is made in writing via email to  - remember to add KU username and course information.