There are several facilities available for students at Centre for African Studies, to help you in your daily studies.

Copy and Print

You can print and copy at the faculty. Ask the library staff or the student counsellors for detailed instructions. You pay online at webPay for printing and photocopying access. Read more about webprint and webpay at the IT for students website https://samf-it.ku.dk/english/stud/ We share our print solution with the Centre for Social Science Computing. 

Wireless network 

To access the wireless network you should follow the instructions given at the UCPH website IT for Students. Following the guidelines written on the webside requires logging in to KUnet.
 Further help is given at our IT-department, ground floor.

Study Space

The faculty is housing study facilities with plugs for laptops and wireless internet connection. 

Thesis desk

When you are writing your thesis you can reserve a desk in the library. Apply for a desk sending an email to bs@teol.ku.dk.

Storage Lockers 

Storage to keep books and belongings can be rented via elevskab.dk. Choose "Book et nyt skab" (Book a new locker) in the lefthand menu and "Det Teologiske Fakultet" (faculty of Theology) from the list. Unfortunately the external website is in Danish only. The storage boxes are located on the ground floor (locker number 0-130) and first floor (locker number 200 -) of the building.


The canteen is a nice mingling spot at the faculty of Theology. Lunch is sold from 11:00 to 14:30. The student TEO Bar is open most Fridays from 15:00.

Electronic Newsletters

CAS eNews provides updated information on Africa related conferences, seminars and lectures around Copenhagen. It also provides information about Africa Seminars and other academic and social arrangements located at the Centre of African Studies as well as with general news regarding CAS.

CAS StudentNews is a mailing list for CAS’ students and others who wish to keep in touch with notices about internship, jobs, student jobs and information about funds and Africa related social arrangements around Copenhagen.

Students are expected to subscribe to both mailing lists in order to receive all relevant announcements.

You can subscribe to CAS eNews and CAS studentNews via the CAS website.

Social activities and student initiatives

The Centre of African Studies offers good facilities for social events. Students have plenty of opportunity to arrange their own social events. Only your imagination sets the limits. Students have previously organised overnight trips, guided tours of exhibitions, theatre visits, African dinners, café evenings in the café, and much more. Future social activities could for example include cinema trips and film evenings, or publishing of a student magazine. Students are always welcome to contact the Student Representatives if the Study Board or the Student Counsellors with ideas for social activities.

UCPH Alumni, job and career

University of Copenhagen has an alumni association – as a meeting point of current and previous students. You can read more about it here: www.alumni.ku.dk


You can also find Centre of African Studies UCPH Alumni Network on LinkedIn.

African Studies on Facebook

On Facebook you can join the group “Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen”. The group is for and by former and current students as well as anyone who is interested in Africa related issues. Please notice that it is not an official CAS page.