Research strategy 2020-2023 at Faculty of Theology


The Faculty of Theology aims with its Research Strategy 2020–2023 at supporting research by  individual members of the academic staff, by the Sections and by the Faculty as a whole. It aims at inspiring and promoting the ongoing development of high-quality research in the subject areas covered by the Faculty. 

Research Strategy 2020–2023 reflects the Faculty’s Goals and Action Plan that in turn reflects the University of Copenhagen’s Strategy 2023: Talent and collaboration. 

The Research Strategy 2020–2023 was drawn up by the Dean, the Head of the Research Committee and the Heads of Sections. The latter are responsible for the strategies of the individual Sections, while the Dean has overall responsibility for the Faculty’s research strategy and its follow-up. 

The Research Committee and the Academic Council have discussed and approved the Research Strategy 2020–2023.

Faculty of Theology
November 2019