'Locating other Privacies' by PRIVACY Postdoc Fredrik Torisson

Recruitment Seminar 2019: Mette Birkedal Bruun talks about the Centre for Privacy Studies Fundamentals

Conference Videos

Videos of the key-note speakers at the Conference: Early Modern Privacy - Notions, Spaces, Implications 9-11 April 2019

Willem Frijhoff, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (Em.): A Privacy Case-Study of a Franco-Dutch Family Network around 1600

Hélène Merlin-Kajman, Université de Paris III: Privé and Particulier in France in the 17th century.

Maarten Delbeke, ETH, Zurich: Privacy and Exemplarity in Roman Baroque Art and Architecture

Mia Korpiola, University of Turku: A Legal Historical Perspective on Possibilities for Privacy in Swedish Society