Kierkegaard Project Seminar: Bjørn Rabjerg – Københavns Universitet

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Kierkegaard Project Seminar: Bjørn Rabjerg

Løgstrup’s Critique of Kierkegaard

K.E. Løgstrup’s fierce critique of Kierkegaard developed through the years from the late 1940s to its climax in 1968 as a combined attack on Kierkegaard and Existentialist nihilism. Through a reading of contemporary Kierkegaardians Kristoffer Olesen Larsen and Johannes Sløk I wish to show that Løgstrup’s understanding of Kierkegaard is mediated, and that only a consideration of the theological existentialism of Olesen Larsen and of Sløk makes a deeper and adequate understanding of Løgstrup’s critique possible. In this presentation I will give an overview of the main points of Løgstrup’s critique.