SKC Workshop: Luther and Kierkegaard

Luther’s text The Freedom of a Christian serves as the textual foundation for the workshop, and we will use aspects of Kierkegaard’s works to bring out the relationship between Luther and Kierkegaard. The workshop will start with an introduction that will put Luther's text into context and clarify the structure of the argument. The introduction will also try to articulate how Kierkegaard criticizes, uses, and develops aspects of Luther’s text and of his reformatory doctrine in his own work. Although the workshop will focus on Luther’s text, it is recommended that you read the following sections from Kierkegaard as background reading:

The Concept of Anxiety:

  • Caput I, § 6 (CA 46-51 / SKS 4, 351-357)
  • Caput III § 3 (CA 103-110 / SKS 4, 405-413)
  • Caput IV (CA 111-113 / SKS 4, 413-414)

Works of Love:

  • Preface, Prayer + Ch. I (WL 3-16 / SKS 9, 11-24)
  • Conclusion (WL 375-386 / SKS 9, 368-378)

The Sickness Unto Death:

  • Preface, Introduction, Part One, A (SUD 2-21 / SKS 11, 115-137)
  • Part Two, A (SUD 77-79 / SKS 11, 191-193)

Language: English


We will use the following English translation of Luther's Latin text:

  • Martin Luther, The Freedom of a Christian, trans. by. A. Lambert and revised by Harold J. Grimm. The Works of Martin Luther, Volume 31: Career of the Reformer I, pp. 327-377.  Philadelphia: Fortress Press 1957.

For Kierkegaard's works, the following English translations will be used:

  • The Concept of Anxiety , ed. and trans. R. Thomte and A.B. Anderson. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1980
  • Works of Love, ed. and trans. H.V. Hong and E.H. Hong. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1995
  • The Sickness Unto Death, ed. and trans. H.V. Hong and E.H. Hong. Princeton: Princeton University Press 1980

Participants and Registration:

Open for students and researchers (max. 30 persons).

For registration, please send a mail to René Rosfort:

Registration closes on January 20, 2022