Employer Panel

Centre of African Studies has an Employer Panel whose members represent different areas of professional competence and with whom the Centre is in continuous dialogue with in order to ensure that CAS graduates are as qualified for professional jobs as possible.

The present members of the Employer Panel are:

  • Lotte Machon,Head of Department at Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Verner Kristiansen, Consultant
  • Marie Visti Hansen, Consulant
  • Laurits Holdt, Journalist, Globalnyt.dk
  • Bettina Thomsen, Regional CSR Manager
  • Charles Kinga, Startup mananger i Akademikernes A-kasse
  • Søren Jeppesen, Associate Professor, Copenhagen Business School and chairman of FAU (the Association of Development Researchers in Denmark)

  • Carsten Selch Jensen, Dean
  • Karen Lauterbach, Director of Centre of African Studies
  • Stig Jensen, Head of Study Board
  • Marlene Ringgaard Lorensen, Head of Studies

- CAS students have the possibility of doing an internship at a company or development project in Africa as part of their studies. This aims at strengthening links between CAS and the world of business, development and administration and at giving the students skills which will improve their job prospects after graduation.

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