How to use the CAS library? 

Library services:

Information on using the library is provided by the library staff. Please contact the staff in room 7C-0-05 at the Marketplace during office hours before you borrow books for the first time. If you need special assistance in searching for literature, either from the web or from our collection, you are most welcome to contact the staff. A general introduction to the library and the services offered is organized at the beginning of every autumn semester.

Subject area:

The Library includes 10.000 books covering primarily African studies in history, economics, human rights, environment, literature, democracy, development studies, religion, politics and conflicts. The library subscribes to a number of journals and holds a collection of international report literature. We have many books published by African publishers.

Where to find the books:

The majority of the CAS library collection is placed in the basement, while a selection can be found in the CAS reading room. This includes categories 19, 70-79, 80-89, and 98.3 as well as general reference works.


Please notice that journals, reference books and theses before 2010 (afsluttende opgaver) are only for the use in the Library.


Centre of African Studies
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