Borrowing, renewing and returning loans at the CAS library

How do I borrow a book?

Take the book from the shelf. Fill out a loan slip (you find them at the small desk beside the door): Date,Title, author/editor, year, the book's call number including the two letters of the subject code (shown on the binding of the book).

Fill in your name and adress. In addition fill in your phone no. and e-mail adress. Please remember to mark "loan" on the slip.

Tear off the BLUE part of the slip and put it in the book. This part is your receipt and should follow the book when you return it. The rest of the slip you put in the box "loan" on the small desk at the door.

How do I reserve a book?

Fill out a loan slip by following the same instructions for borrowing books except that you need to mark "Request" in stead of "loan" on the slip. Please notice that external users must try to order the item either through their local library if the requested item is not available in the library.

What is the length of a loan?

The loan period is 30 days.

How do I renew a book?

If you need to extend the loan, please write an e-mail to the library staff with information on the title and the call no. of the item together with your personal data (e-mail address & phone no.). Providing that no reservation has been made you may keep the book for another month.

How do I return books?

Please return your books in the Library Office during the opening hours. We would very much appreciate that you do not put the books back on the shelves in the library.