What is Theology?


Seminar med professor Johannes Zachhuber, University of Oxford, Faculty of Theology and Religion.

The existence of a subject called theology is not something ever to be taken for granted. It is neither a natural development within the world of religions nor an obvious part of a system of knowledge. Its prominent existence in the Christian tradition therefore needs to be explained.

My attempt to provide such an explanation takes its starting point from the relationship between theology and the institution of the church – another highly unusual feature of Christianity. I will argue that the unique status of theology within the Christian religion is due to its intimate connection with the institution of the church. In my lecture, I will reflect on the various aspects this syzygy has had – both for the Christian churches and for theology as a field of knowledge.

Prof Zachhuber’s lecture will be followed by a discussion. Assistant Professor Frederik Poulsen and Associate Professor Carsten Pallesen will open the discussion by responding to Prof Zachhuber’s lecture.

Forelæsningen og efterfølgende debat foregår på engelsk.