Paradoxes of Faith? Contexts, Concepts and Consequences


Invitation and call for pitches/papers for conference/PhD-course November 4.-5. 2022

Conference Call for Project Pitches/Short Papers (1-3 pages)
The aim of the Pitch Session (see conference program) is to enable both junior and senior researchers to share their research ideas or results, to receive response from Christian Danz (Vienna) and to discuss it more broadly with the conference/course participants. We encourage speakers to concentrate the one most important points or concept(s) from their research/project. Pitches does not have to relate directly to the theme of the conference/course, but can be indirectly related e.g. through concepts of faith, reason, paradox, controversy, absurdity, inconsistency, dialectic etc.

Application process:
The pitch/short paper must include the following:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Full name, affiliation, country of residence and email address
  • Pitch/short paper max 3 pages

Please submit your proposal to no later than 1.10.2022

Conference Program

Friday November 4.

Open Lecture at the Systematic Theology Section, open for all, no registration: “Karl Barth’s and Paul Tillich’s Reception of Martin Luther’s Conception of Christian Faith” by Christian Danz, Professor of Systematic Theology, University of Vienna

Welcome at the Centre for Paradox Studies, registration at

“What is a Paradox? Why Theology? A Systematic-theological Approach to Contemporary Paradoxes” by Johanne S. T. Kristensen, Assoc. Prof. of Dogmatics with Ecumenical Theology, University of Copenhagen

“Cogito and Credo – the Paradox of Self-reference as a Theological Issue” by Sigurd Baark, Visiting Scholar of Dogmatics with Ecumenical Theology, University of Copenhagen

Conference Lectures

“Luther: Paradox, Faith and Experience. Some Reflections” by Anna Vind, Assoc. Prof. of Church History, University of Copenhagen

”Luther with Contemporary Eyes: Theological Paradoxes of Gender?” by Else Marie Wiberg Pedersen, Assoc. Prof. of Dogmatics with Ecumenical Theology, Aarhus University

"Theology as "Wissenschaft": Problems and Promises in Wolfhart Pannenberg's Lutheran Conception of Theology" by Matthias Ruf, Postdoc, Tübingen University

Conference Dinner for speakers, heads and coregroup

Saturday November 5.

Conference Lectures

“Subjective Science? Theology's subiectum in the later Middle Ages” by Florian  Wöller, Assoc. Prof. of Church History, University of Copenhagen.

“Early church: Paradoxes of Faith, Anthropology, Christ, and Trinity in Tertullian” by Peter Søes, Assist. Prof. of Dogmatics, Lutheran School of Theology in Aarhus

“John’s Gospel: A Catastrophe. Aporia as Passage to the Other” by student Andreas Ole Nielsen, Biblical Exegesis Section,


Pitch Session/Short Papers