The Ever Elusive Past: Discussions of Palestine's History and Heritage. Lectures of the Danish House 2018

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The book presents 10 chapters of lectures given by the authors at various universities and institutions in Palestine. In the first two chapters the authors present and discuss the Palestine History and Heritage Project (PaHH), presenting also the project’s introductory volume that has been published this year. In chapters 3-7, historiographical issues are discussed in relation to: history of Palestine versus history of Israel, biblical archaeology versus secular archaeology, and myth and history. In chapters 8-10, literary themes are examined in the context of Palestine’s ancient textual traditions, which have impacted modern and ancient policy and ideology. The book does not offer a comprehensive picture of history and tradition, but discusses aspects of current debates and achievements that have occurred in the last 50 years of scholarship.
Udgivelses stedRamallah and Amman
ForlagDar Al Nasher
Antal sider141
ISBN (Trykt)978-9950-385-82-5
StatusUdgivet - 2019

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