Paradox(es) of Scripture


Conference 2023

Center for the Study of Paradoxes 

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Thursday September 21

13.00-13.15: Welcome and Coffee, registration at

Location: Hotel Guldsmeden, Gullfossgade 4, Islands Brygge

13.15-13.45: Introduction and Recollection

13.15-13.45: “What was a Paradox? The Absurdity of the Bible and the Promise of Normativity” by Associate Professor Johanne S. T. Kristensen

13.45-18.30: Young Scholars Papers

13.45-14.30: “Claritas Scripturae in Luther and Erasmus. Hermeneutical Approaches to Scripture in the Dispute on the Will” by PhD-student Theis Schønning Johansen

14.30-15.15: “The Instance of the Letter in Theology: Towards a Systematic Theology of Reading” by award-winning student Gustav Graeser Damgaard

15.15-15.45: Coffee Break

15.45-16.30: “Love of Self as a Lutheran Possibility?” by award-winning student Alberte Zermann Steffen

16.30-17.15: “Ipseity Disturbance as Illegibility. A Systematic Take on the Minimal Self in Schizophrenia” by award-winning student Andreas Ole Nielsen

17.15-18.00: Discussion and Summary

Friday September 22

10.15-12.00: Open Systematic Theology Section Lecture, open for all, no registration:

“Paradoxes in the Use of Scripture: A Reflection in Light of Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Approach” by Professor Friederike Nüssel, Heidelberg

Location: Kierkegaard Auditoriet (9A-0-01), Faculty of Theology, Copenhagen

12.00-13.30: Lunch

Location: Hotel Guldsmeden, Gullfossgade 4, Islands Brygge

13.30-17.30 Conference Lectures

13.30-14.30: “Scripture and the Paradox of Self-reference” by Visiting Scholar Sigurd Baark, Copenhagen

14.30-15.30 “Kierkegaard’s view of the Bible” by Associate Professor Iben Damgaard, Copenhagen

15.30-16.00 Coffee Break

16.00-17.00: “On the Conceptual Commitment of Biblical Reference” by Postdoc Matthias Ruf, Tübingen

17.00-18.00: “Scripture, Reader, and Church. The Productive Tension in Lutheran Scriptural Theology” by Professor Bo Kristian Holm, Århus

18.00-19.00: “The Dangerous Bibel: When a Text Enslaves by Liberating” by Visiting Scholar Jesper Tang Nielsen, Copenhagen

19.00: Conference Dinner

Location: Hotel Guldsmeden, Gullfossgade 4, Islands Brygge