• Mette Birkedal Bruun: 'Centre for Privacy Studies', meeting with Kontoret for Forskning, Innovation og Universitetsuddannelser, 10 January

  • Michael Green: Privacy Online, event organized by University of Copenhagen. Part of the expert panel. Presentation of historical aspects of privacy, 5 March 

  • Natália da Silva Perez: 'Information and Privacy in Ages of Surveillance', Podcast episode with Laura Skouvig and Jens–Erik Mai, 14 December

  • Natália da Silva Perez:'Privacy and Gender in Early Modern German Speaking Areas', Podcast episode with Heide Wunder, 2 November

  • Natália da Silva Perez:'Madame de Maintenon's ‘Petits livres secrets’', Podcast interview with Lars Cyril Nørgaard, 7 September

  • Natália da Silva Perez:'Traces of a Medieval Private Reader', Podcast interview with Anni Haahr Henriksen, 3 August

  • Natália da Silva Perez:'Examining Privacy in Early Modern Letters', Podcast interview with Michaël Green, 6 July

  • Natália da Silva Perez:'Introducing the Centre for Privacy Studies',Podcast interview with Mette Birkedal Bruun, 1 June