The new Danish edition of Søren Kierkegaard’s Writings, Søren Kierkegaards Skrifter, was completed in 2013. An electronic version is available in Danish at:

The Works

Kierkegaard’s authorship consists of more than 40 books and 40 newspaper and journal articles. In many cases, the works are published under pseudonyms.  Alongside these, Kierkegaard published a series of religious discourses in his own name, hereby signaling that he understood himself as a religious and Christian author. Additionally, there are a large number of journals or diaries that are not included on the list below.  


  • From the Papers of One Still Living Published Against His Will.


  • On the Concept of Irony with Continual Reference to Socrates.


  • Either/Or, edited by Victor Eremita.
  • Two Edifying Discourses.
  • Repetition, by Constantin Constantius.
  • Fear and Trembling, by Johannes de silentio.
  • Three Edifying Discourses.
  • Four Edifying Discourses.


  • Two Edifying Discourses.
  • Three Edifying Discourses.
  • Philosophical Fragments, by Johannes Climacus, edited by S. Kierkegaard.
  • The Concept of Anxiety, by Vigilius Haufniensis.
  • Prefaces, by Nicolaus Notabene.
  • Four Edifying Discourses.


  • Three Discourses at Imagined Occasions.
  • Stages on Life’s Way, edited by Hilarius Bookbinder.


  • Concluding Unscientific Postscript to the Philosophical Fragments, by Johannes Climacus, edited by S. Kierkegaard.
  • A Literary Review.


  • Edifying Discourses in Various Spirits.
  • Works of Love.


  • Christian Discourses.


  • The Lilies in the Field and the Birds of the Air. Three Devotional Discourses.
  • Two Minor Ethical-Religious Works, by H.H.
  • The Sickness unto Death, by Anti-Climacus, edited by S. Kierkegaard.
  • “The High Priest” – “The Tax Collector” – “The Woman Who Sinned”: Three Discourses at Friday Communion.


  • Practice in Christianity, by Anti-Climacus, published by S. Kierkegaard.
  • An Edifying Discourse.


  • On My Work as an Author.
  • Two Discourses at Friday Communion.
  • For Self-Examination. Recommended to the Present Age.


  • This Must be Said, So Let It Be Said.
  • The Moment nos. 1–10.


Posthumous Published Works

  • The Point of View for My Work as an Author. A Straightforward Account and Report to History, 1859.
  • Judge for Yourselves. A For Self-Examination, Recommended to the Present Age. Second Series, 1876.
  • The Book on Adler, 1916.

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