Where are the books?

Almost half of the books are placed in the hallways of the departments where they belong. Where nothing else is indicated, that is were the books will be found. The rest can be found in the three rooms in the basement, marked by K1, K2, and K3. In the library system, those rooms are indicated by "Kælderbibliotek".

Library for Biblical Exegesis

  The entire Bible (A) 
  The Old Testament (B) 
  Judaism (C) 
  The New Testament (D) 
  The Post-Apostolic Age (E) 

Library for Church History

  Common Church and Mission History (H - O) 
  Danish Church History (V) 
  Church art and architecture (KKA) 
  Hymnology (V l) 

Library for Systematic Theology

  Dogmatics (S) 
  Ethics (T) 
  Philosophy of Religion (U) 
  Practical Theology (1 - 5) 
  Ecumenical Theology (I - XX)

Qur'anic Studies (Y)

Study of Religion (II 7 - II 8)

Søren Kierkegaard Library (A - H)