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What Happened to Mary?

Women Named Mary in the Meadow of John Moschus. Open seminar with assistant professor Ulla Tervahauta, Section of Biblical Exegesis.

The various Marys of the New Testament lived on in early Christian traditions. In addition to apocryphal traditions that portray Mary of Magdala as the first woman apostle or the sinner, or investigate the early years of Mary, Mother of God, new Marys emerged. In this talk I will discuss women named Mary in the stories of the Meadow, a Byzantine Christian anthology of edifying tales attributed to John Moschus. The stories discussed draw their inspiration from biblical narrative and provide entertainment with a moral, enabling one to approach Marys in the Meadow as examples to how biblical literature was applied and turned into popular form in the sixth century monastic context. These short narratives increase our knowledge of how the Scripture was used in monastic context, as well as enabling us to analyze monastic views on women.